Wooden furniture is a part of the decor in most homes. It is an option that is durable, has a timeless appeal, and a well made and well maintained wooden item gives a home a traditional look of comfort and elegance. It does require you to know how to clean the wooden furniture in the right way so that your favourite pieces last and stand out in your home.

Wooden furniture can have a light or dark finish. There are no complications in cleaning wood, and you need to keep your cleaning efforts and methods as simple as possible. Every piece of wooden furniture is made of different types of wood, will be stained and finished differently, and it is best you pick up some tips for cleaning them from the shops where you make your original purchase. Start with the mildest cleaning solution that you can find and make your changes as you go along. Your basic cleaning kit for wooden furniture requires microfiber cloth, clear soap, mineral spirits, semi-solid furniture wax or polish and cheesecloth.

Start your cleaning operations by wiping down each piece of furniture with a microfiber cloth that is just damp. It will help you to remove the dust and grime. Wood must never remain damp, so immediately after you have done this cleaning, wipe it down again with a dry microfiber cloth. Your cleaning operations will be that much easier if you have been regularly dusting your wooden furniture with a microfiber cloth.

The furniture can have spots and sticky residue, and this can be removed with a drop of dish soap on a microfiber cloth. Test out the soap as you must be sure that its application will not affect the finish. Avoid soaking the wood, and make sure you dry it out properly once the spots are removed. Very stubborn spots may respond better to the application of mineral spirit, which also needs to be tested out before use. If the spots are still resisting your efforts, then the only alternative is to consider refinishing that piece, but this may need you to get in expert katy cleaners.

Now that your furniture has is clean, you can bring back the shine on it by applying some wax that can also act as a protection for the wooden surface. Apply the wax on the wood surface and allow it to sit on it, evenly spread, for some time. You can then buff it with a microfiber cloth till you see the wood shining again. Polish sprays are best avoided, though they make things easy, they can leave a residue, and if applied unevenly, can mar the surface smoothness and looks.

Wooden furniture is a beautiful addition to any home and conveys a sense of solidity and comfort. The older it gets, the better it looks if it has been appropriately cared and cleaned regularly. Dust your furniture periodically with a cloth or with the brush attachment on your vacuum cleaner. Give it a regular coat of wax at intervals to help it maintains its shine.