I do not know if it will be that I miss adolescence, that era in which my “living space” was reduced to my bedroom and that was where I spent most of my time, which increasingly envied those who are lucky enough to have bedrooms of large dimensions. Spacious and open spaces full of possibilities, in which bathrooms and dressing rooms are sometimes integrated and even small living or study areas. That is en-suite bedrooms. The common mortals, as a rule, we allocate this room of the house to what is its main function, rest, as the dimensions of it do not allow any other type of approach in them. But if on the contrary, we are fortunate to have a large bedroom with enough meters. Read more about queen bed base.

The options to differentiate different areas of use within the bedroom are many. From glass separating panels to wardrobes with dividing functions, passing through small changes of height in the pavement or set of volumes in the ceiling. All these integrated thanks to the visual continuity provided by the use of pavements, colors or similar coatings in all areas that make up the same.

In this case, when designing this bedroom suite, I opted for the contrast of the walls covered in marble and the floors in wenge wood. Travertine, a natural stone with a long tradition in construction, is a cold and elegant finish, with a soft texture and great aesthetic beauty. Wenge, on the other hand, is a heavy, nervous and hard-looking wood that creates a clear contrast of color with the walls. The distribution is focused on four strategic points, rest area, living room, dressing room and bathroom. Both connected in line and without partitions that hinder the passage between them. In such a way that a sense of spaciousness is created, order and at the same time recollection, which I think is very effective.

The clean and smooth furniture is accompanied by classic pieces such as the BKF chair or butterfly, in iron and white leather, created in 1938 by the Austral Group and the best known Barcelona chair. A dressing of transparent doors only suitable for very orderly people, which integrates into one of its modules a small dressing table with drawers and mirror, in a pure homage to coquetry. And for me, the main course, a semi-recessed bathtub by Philippe Starck for Laufen that not only promises the absolute relaxation but also has served to give more privacy to the area of the urinal and bidet. A bedroom as a whole, which invites not only to rest but also to spend pleasant moments in an environment full of comfort and harmony.

And once this is written, I go to my mini-bedroom in my mini-house to dream that another “wider” life is possible. Lucky that I have Bloome to cure my traumas and to be able to create things that at the moment I can only imagine.